«Light & Emotions».

 Extensive Online Course. 

Starts on April 12th 2021.

For years I have taught master classes all over the world and now I want to put all my experience into this new extensive online course. The course is organized so that you will feel like you are standing next to me during the whole process, including preparation, shooting, and selection of photos and post-processing. 

From the course you will learn:

  1. How to choose the right location so that a portrait creates a mood and tells a story, how to choose the clothes & props. 
  2. What equipment and settings will bring you amazing results.
  3. How to direct and communicate with models.
  4. How to observe natural light and composition to choose the best angle for your shot.
  5. How to edit your shot to get natural but magical pictures.
  6. How to develop your style and create eye-catching, beautiful pictures the viewer is guaranteed to notice.

  My Course is for those who love to work with light and composition, but, at the same time, want to get spontaneous and emotional shots.

Online Course. Елена Шумилова
Online Course. Елена Шумилова
Online Course. Елена Шумилова

Lesson & Webinar Schedule:

April 12th. Lesson: Getting ready for a photoshoot. Style and idea. Location and Camera settings. Props and cloths. 

April 15th. Lesson: Morning shooting in the village with two girls. 

April 19th. Webinar: Looking at Light and Reflections, Posing and Spontaneity, Body language, and Finding the best angles.

April 22nd. Lesson: Daytime shooting on the farm with children and animals. The nuances of working with lighting indoors.

April 26th. Lesson: Principles and nuances of evening shooting with additional light sourses. Shooting by the fire.

April 29th. Webinar: Checking and selecting photos, simple editing in Camera Raw.

May 3rd. Lesson: Editing photos with bright light in Photoshop. 5 different examples of my pictures from the beginning to the end.     

May 6th. Lesson: Processing dark and evening photos in Photoshop. 5 different examples of my pictures from the beginning to the end.

May 12th. Final Webinar with analysis of the Course Homework.

What will happen during the course?

On average, each lesson will last 30 minutes. The duration of the webinars is about 1 hour or more, depending on the number of questions.

All the lessons and the records of webinars will be available for watching on your computer anytime. 

Participants will also have access to a class chat, for communication, inspiration and exchange of experience. I will be following the chat, answering questions addressed to me and monitoring your progress. 

Lessons & Webinars are released on schedule.

Once released, the records of lessons and webinars will remain available to you, even after the course ends.

Language of lessons and webinars — English.
Photoshop language — English.
Language of Telegram chat discussion — English.  

Bonuses: 3 editing videos on processing in Photoshop + 3 sources for training.

What Do You Need To Know? 

Your camera’s basic settings.

For homework, it is desirable to have a portrait lens 85 mm (1.2 — 1.8) or 135 mm (2.0).

For indoor shooting — 35 mm (1.4 — 2.0) or 50 mm (1.2 — 1.8).

Homework is optional but recommended for maximum outcome from the course.

Online Course. Елена Шумилова

Regular Price — 299 USD

The number of spots on the course is limited.